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HVAC System Duct Sterilizer Direct connection to HVAC system

Short Description:

Model: AC500X

Voltage: 100-277v ~ 0.27 A

Product size: 23*23*43.2cm

Model: AC1000x

Voltage: 100-277V~0.54A Product size: 28*28*43.2cm

The following features/configurations are optional:

UVC     ozone

Product Detail

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After experimental tests, it has been found that the HVAC system pipe disinfection machine has an excellent reduction effect on harmful pollution. We use catalytic ionization technology to connect directly to the duct system of the HVAC system to achieve the purpose of removing pathogens, air pollution, VOCs, surface pollutants, dander, odor and dust, which can minimize the entry of germs and allergens. in the human body. Moreover, it can effectively decompose toxic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, etc.; it can eliminate chemical gases, odors, cigarette smells and other odors, and release a large number of negative ions, creating a large amount of fresh oxygen air, so that the house is cleaner. , healthier and more efficient.

This is the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses looking to reduce and eliminate harmful pollutants!


We have carefully designed a variety of product solutions for our customers. You can choose between an air scrubber with an ozone unit and an ozone-free unit. Of course, both products have a photocatalytic module and have the same basic components.


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