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CYJ-OZ1 Commercial Ozone Generator

Short Description:

Power: 120W

Voltage: 220-240V~

Material: ABS+sheet metal

net weight: 2.9kg

control panel: Knob timing

Product Size: 23X17X18cm

Ozone Plate: 90X110mm

Ozone generation: 10000mg/H

Ozone plate life: 7000H

Application area: 600m2

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Ozone is a world-recognized broad-spectrum high-efficiency bactericidal disinfectant. Use air or oxygen as raw material to generate ozone by high-frequency high-voltage discharge. Ozone has one more active oxygen atom than oxygen molecule. Ozone is particularly active in chemical properties. It is a strong oxidant and can quickly kill bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. There is no toxic residue, no secondary pollution, and it is known as "the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant".


As a portable and compact ozone generator, the commercial ozone generator uses an upgraded micro-gap dielectric honeycomb discharge technology alloy composite material, and is cooled with a fan, which increases the ozone emission area by 20%. Impact resistance, and the use of composite materials, the life of the material is also extended to 3-5 years!


Of course, what is even more shocking about commercial ozone generators is its efficient elimination of bacteria and viruses. It has a wide range of applications. In air treatment, it can effectively eliminate various bacteria and viruses without causing secondary pollution; in cleaning, it can effectively remove pesticides remaining in vegetables and fruits. At the same time, it can increase the oxygen content in air and water, accelerate air purification, and human metabolism.


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