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E Sing the melody to purify life

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Product model E

Power Type Adapter

CADR(PM) 50m³/h

Product size 19*19*29.2cm

Strainer Cylinder Strainer

Input voltage DC24V 0.65A

Rated power 11W

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It can not only purify the space environment, but also convey happiness through music

E is a new product of our cross-border innovation, a purifier wizard that combines air treatment and audio functions. Built-in Bluetooth audio module, after the Bluetooth connection is successfully paired, users can play their favorite music, speech content, news, etc. Its lightweight body also has powerful and efficient filtration capacity. We have added HEPA filter and honeycomb activated carbon filter to it, so it can control particulate pollution and formaldehyde gas pollution well, and the filtration efficiency is as high as 99.9% above! Such data protects the user's living environment to the greatest extent possible.


At the same time, we also want to take care of the user's spiritual feelings, and hope that everyone can enjoy a fresh environment and a happy mood while using our product. This is also the advantage of our E Music Wizard that distinguishes it from other products. Thanks to our many experienced R&D and design teams, our innovative products are always eye-catching.



●High-efficiency composite filter
HEPA filter: the filtration efficiency of ≥0.3μm particles is above 99.9%;
Honeycomb activated carbon filter: It has unique adsorption, purification and catalytic ability to formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, etc. in the air.

●PM2.5 numerical display
The panel will display the PM2.5 value in the current environment at any time, allowing users to easily understand the air pollution value and select the corresponding mode for purification.

●Millions of negative ions
As an air purifier with an ionizer, it can release millions of negative ions, which can remove dust for users to the greatest extent and provide fresh air that feels like a big forest.

It can both play music for everyone and perform the task of cleaning the air quietly and unobtrusively.

●Energy saving
As a responsible enterprise, we shoulder the responsibility of environmental governance, so we always hope that the products we develop can better meet the international requirements of green, high efficiency and energy saving.


Product model ES1

Power Type Adapter

CADR(PM) 50m³/h

Product size 19*19*29.2cm

Strainer Cylinder Strainer

Input voltage DC24V 0.65A

Rated power 11W

remote control --

Dust sensor/odor sensor

Air quality light blue/orange/red

Negative ions ——

Noise (sound power) 55dB(A)

Net weight 1.65kg

Package size 25*25*34cm

Loading capacity 1200/20' 2852/40'H




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