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Starting Again丨LEEYO & SGH Company’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Party Successfully Held-air purifiers, dehumidifiers, cleaning cabinets, desktop range hoodsOEM,ODM,OPM,OBM


On the evening of January 13th in Joy, Liyang & Heckborough held a grand 10th anniversary party and celebrated this special moment with all the staff!

Over the past ten years, we have shared the wind and rain together, every dreamer has been running forward with great efforts, and the wickerwork is still going firmly towards the narrow gate.


Entertainment for all
The venue was beautifully decorated, with colorful lights flashing, balloons fluttering, and various anniversary customized gifts creating a strong festive atmosphere. Employees dressed in full dress, with joyful smiles on their faces, greeted and blessed each other, and the whole venue was full of warmth and friendship.

The God of Fortune is here, all your worries are out of the way!
The Dragon Dance and the God of Fortune performance triggered the enthusiasm of the whole venue, and the cheerful rhythm and exquisite skills won the applause of the audience. Tonight, the double God of Fortune delivered red packets to the partners who have been working hard for the whole year, delivering blessings and good luck.


Dragon Dance Performance
The dragon dance team holds the colorful dragon body and dances to the exciting drum beats. Their athletic posture, tacit cooperation and excellent skills bring out the best in the dragon dance performance.
The dragon dance jumped and tumbled on the stage, sometimes hovering and flying, sometimes overturning the river, and the audience applauded one after another.

All the staff of the company also put their blessings and thanksgiving into a video collection, which was dedicated to the company as a gift for the 10th anniversary.


Post time: Jan-13-2024