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True HEPA filter Replacement

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Generally speaking, the filters of air purifiers have a service life of 6-9 months, so we need to replace them regularly to ensure that it can continue to work normally. It has been able to effectively filter a variety of pollution, and prevent the dirty air from entering the machine and come out without purification.

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It has a total of 5 layers of filters: lacquered metal mesh, high-efficiency HEPA filter, anti-allergic filter, high-density activated carbon filter, and lacquered metal mesh. The first-level coarse filter can intercept particulate-level hair such as PM50; the activated carbon layer can effectively absorb organic compounds, formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gases; the high-efficiency HEAP filter can remove PM2.5 and smaller particles; and we have added a deodorant and anti-allergic layer. , effectively remove the odor in the air. In this way, the pleated high-density composite filter screen design can not only have a larger filtering area, but also can intercept various types of pollution one by one.



Our round HEPA filter is 40% larger than the ordinary square filter. Our filter has a larger area and can filter more pollutants. And it is an integrated design filter, which can be replaced as a whole by snapping it down, and we can easily take it out without any time.


It is an integrated design filter. We integrate the pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon together. The overall volume is smaller and more suitable for various purifiers. And it has the same design and components as the Type C filter.


KJFB35 filter (removable and washable primary filter three-in-one composite filter)

HEPA adopts H12 grade high-efficiency composite filter paper, the single piece of filter material can be folded up to 138%, and the total area of ​​filter material of the whole machine is 2.5 square meters. The filter screen adopts multiple sealing structures, which can effectively intercept dust, pollen, PM2.5 and other particles.

KJFC15 filter screen (cylindrical filter element four-in-one composite filter element)

The filter adopts E11 grade filter material, which can efficiently filter dust. The filter can intercept dust and discharge clean air to prevent secondary pollution.


KJFD06 filter

We combine the coarse filter, activated carbon and high-efficiency HEPA filter into one, and turn it into an integrated filter, which allows users to replace the filter more conveniently.

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